by Casual



Cassette tape released via Perpetual Bullshit (OH) & Start Something NJ
Out of Print


released May 11, 2013

we recorded this ourselves at pallet town in flemington, nj
spring 2013
cover art by christina vines

Joe Brendel: drums
Mike Haller: guitar/vocals
Jeff Hersch: guitar/vocals
Liz Parsons: bass/vocals



all rights reserved


Casual Flemington, New Jersey

Joe, Mike & Jeff playing antsy music

2/3 of merch sale $$$$ will go to ACLU

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Track Name: Doing Business
time is a construct. a fabricated ticking clock. so you bide yours and i'll spend mine thinking up the things that you don't have the time to think yourself. you're somewhere else.

i can't just sit here and watch your mind waste away. though lately my has also gone astray. but it hasn't quite yet rotted out. that's one thing i think about everyday.

i feel fine at my own pace. when the time comes, you'll be in the same place. enjoy the moments we have now. because i won't always be around.
Track Name: Melon
whatever happened to my old friends, learning from their mistakes do you think I can find a place where I feel comfortable. After long these new places seem dull, it's out of my control.
now im here with my new friends, we all have our own thoughts in our heads. He's a psychopath, we're all depressed, so i guess ill sit here with my cat. How'd he get so fat.
Now we're finding a common ground so we can all relax. if it makes us feel better we'll keep the bowl packed.
Track Name: Sit and Stare
i sit and stare
i try my best to try to care
let the rain fall on me, my friends don't call me
and they are never there like they used to be
but i cannot blame myself, i'm missing out

i wanna feel something new
i wanna be somewhere new
where i can just go and wake with the sun
see all new faces and not know anyone
because here, i am done

i'll take a seat
my empty pockets admit defeat
i've been burning myself, this candle at all ends
and i haven't worked in weeks
so let it rain all day until i snap out of this panicked state
i am no longer great

i wanna feel something new
i wanna be somewhere new
where i can just step out and say nothing's the same
or go on for hours about how i've changed
it's one in the same, it's all the same

i woke up in a bad mood today
at least i woke up today
that should be enough for me to say
that i will be okay, so let's be friends again someday
Track Name: Whitey Tighty
i've spent my time organizing my thoughts to see where i am now
all this pacing and chasing is wearing me down
i can't stop fucking around

i can't complain, i'll get over it
things could be much worse
it's just how it is, it's just how it is

i've spent my time organizing my thoughts to see how fucked i am
this isn't how it's always been
but since it's started it seems that it won't end