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LP out on Dead Broke Rekerds / Square of Opposition
[400 Black vinyl, 100 Clear/White mix vinyl]

100 CDs

Hand-numbered tapes (/30) self-released 2014

"The members of Casual have been the catalyst for keeping the tiny suburban community of Flemington, New Jersey on the punk map over the past five years. Through a "members of" list that's nearly a decade long and four states wide, as well as their involvement with a DIY space that's become a home to touring bands looking for a spot to play between Philly and New York, their brand of witty, technical "pot punk" has been turning heads for a couple of years.

Now, Casual – guitarists Mike Haller and Jeff Hersch, bassist Liz Parsons, and drummer Joe Brendel – is finally dropping their self-titled full length on Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds. From the jump, the band tackles the issues that pop up in suburban life – boredom and a Magic: The Gathering obsession on the scream-along second track "Mana Burn", drug addiction on the burning, furious closer "Opium" – with a tenacity and thoughtfulness far beyond their years. The highlight is "Doing Business," a dynamic, concise punk song that channels just as much Static Radio NJ as it does RVIVR. Casual is a fantastic first effort for a band that's quietly building a reputation for their energetic live show."- Paul Blest, New Noise Magazine


released September 4, 2015

we did it ourselves at our house in flemington, nj, spring 2014
recorded and mixed and mastered by mike haller & casual
album artwork by Jim Collier of the Yellow Finch in Flemington, NJ

Joe Brendel: drums
Mike Haller: guitar/vocals
Jeff Hersch: guitar/vocals
Liz Parsons: bass/vocals



all rights reserved


Casual Flemington, New Jersey

Joe, Mike & Jeff playing antsy music

2/3 of merch sale $$$$ will go to ACLU

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Track Name: Spent
Why am I awake? It's earlier than late. I can't stop thinking about nothing important. Reheated coffee and an awkward grin. Before you know it, it's fucking 2pm. Everyone's a critic, live in disarray, I'll take it any day.

No, nothing is ever obvious. Repeat the steps to forget all of them. The brain in my skull is sloppiest when I've got nothing to do, I am sitting alone, not a thing to pursue.

I've got a cracked windshield but I'm seeing clear. It's not worth the stress to live in fear when everyone has everything that they all need, admit we're all naive.

This foundation is sinking deep. But it's all I want to keep. Pretty soon we'll be underneath.
Track Name: Mana Burn
I’m stuck in a picture frame. I’m in love with a card game. There are certain things I can’t wrap my head around, like how I’m so unlucky and my brain’s always foggy. Keeping my mind off of it is all I know how to do. Because I can’t change the fact that we’re all heading into one big trap. Maybe if I could relax I’d start ignoring what’s holding me back. Yeah we all have problems. When can we start to solve them? Stagnancy never amounted to anything. You say your heart’s broken, well time will heal that emotion. There’s many other things to have anxiety about. What will change the fact that it’s getting harder for me to laugh. There’s nothing like walking on glass trying hard for your nerves not to crack. I’m keeping my mind in tact by trying not to overreact and start ignoring what’s holding me back.
Track Name: Staircase Wit
I thought I saw you driving around. But you don't have a car, it's been a month since you left town. And I don't think it makes any sense to you., do you? But what about me?

It's irritating, I'm rearranging what you said. Maybe it's all in my head. Or maybe it's not.
Track Name: Pot Hole
I’m becoming more cynical everyday so why don’t you fuck off? You’re ruining my luck, stealing my bucks, and you’re making my life tough. False positives to the things I’ve never done with bullshit consequences. Karma’s coming back around to kick you in the ass for you incompetence. I don’t belong here. I’m just a weed-smoking kid who likes to get his kicks by watching hockey and playing music.
Track Name: Subject to Change
I heard someone say that “we all will pay for all others’ ignorance in this day and age.” Because their hands are always full with the toys they can’t ignore. Methodically and chronically gone through the trapdoor, ignoring that we’re all done for. The schools are closing down while your head is in the ground and I cannot believe that you’ve given up on everything.
Track Name: Sit and Stare
I sit and stare. I try my best to try to care. Let the rain fall on me, my friends don't call me and they are never there like they used to be
but i cannot blame myself, i'm missing out.

I wanna feel something new. I wanna be somewhere new where I can just go and wake with the sun, see all new faces and not know anyone
because here, I am done.

I'll take a seat. My empty pockets admit defeat. I've been burning myself, this candle at all ends and i haven't worked in weeks. So let it rain all day until I snap out of this panicked state. I am no longer great.

I wanna feel something new. I wanna be somewhere new where I can just step out and say nothing's the same or go on for hours about how I've changed. It's one in the same, it's all the same.

I woke up in a bad mood today. At least i woke up today, that should be enough for me to say that I will be okay, so let's be friends again someday.
Track Name: Doing Business
Time is a construct, a fabricated ticking clock. So you bide yours and i'll spend mine thinking up the things that you don't have the time to think yourself. You're somewhere else.

I can't just sit here and watch your mind waste away, though lately my has also gone astray. But it hasn't quite yet rotted out, that's one thing i think about everyday.

I feel fine at my own pace. But when the time comes, you'll be in the same place. Enjoy the moments we have now because i won't always be around.
Track Name: Over Ripe
I never thought that I'd be lying here. It's dim but it's not dark. I'm not sure what I fear. These thoughts are in my head, they take root in my bed. But I don't want to care, I really just don't care.

Oh, but what do I do when I'm so confused? And the fact that I'd rather be alone.

There are no surprises, just a few new vices. And the fact that I'd rather be alone. Oh, but what do I do when I'm so confused?

I pick my brain day after day. Maybe then I'll go insane. It's hard to live this life this way. I feel defeated (I feel depleted), but I don't believe it.
Track Name: Poison Counter
The truth is always a weapon in your enemy's hands, without thought, we all jump to take a second chance. I will deprive you of my most precious secrets.

This cup is filled with my imperfections, overflowing with the worst intentions. If there was an exit I'd be the first to go, to laugh and say I told you so.

For each word there's one forgotten. For each thought a memory rotten.

Is life death in its purest form? It's not the best time for your lazy mourns. We didn't choose to be put here but that doesn't mean you should disappear.

The world makes me hate everything, can't flush these thoughts down the kitchen sink. The more I age the less I can bare. It looks like I was a little less than prepared.

We think too much, but not enough. Always ending up at we're all fucked. You cannot change what is wrong with words to a song.
Track Name: Opium
I didn’t look for you, you just stood out to me with those dead eyes sunken in real deep. It’s hard to watch a friend deplete their will to live. It’s even harder when I don’t wanna forgive. You’re bringing home problems and you’re breaking the lease. Hiding in your room until you pass out to sleep. I can’t talk to you with your eyes in the back of your head. Helping out a friend is never more than enough. You know how much I like being taken advantage of. I know how easy it is for you to fall in love with a girl but most of all opium. I hope to see you eventually. Maybe then it will be pleasantly instead of being honest about what’s going on and not all withdrawn. Not spent strung out.